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Biocon(Japan)Ltd. is making it a rule to supply our goods promptly to our especially domestic customers on demand. For this purpose, Biocon(Japan) ourselves is located in the center of Japan geographically. Furthermore, Biocon(Japan)'s warehouse is very well located at the intersection of National Highway No.1 and Important Inner Ring Road in Nagoya, Japan for speedy delivery.Biocon(Japan)'s warehouse is in addition located next to our office building for good logistics.
The first and third floors of Biocon(Japan)'s warehouse are having delayed or non delivery. This warehouse has also a special area where organic food products are stored, and a spesial area where pharmaceutical products are stored individually.
This warehouse has also a big cool chamber where temperature-sensitive products are stored like diagnostic reagents and diagnostic kits.


Machine Demonstration Center
Biocon(Japan) are also selling food machines like dryers and retort sterilizers, in addition to our main food ingredient products.
Biocon(Japan) are offering the facility to make demonstrations of testing foods, using these demonstration machines for potential customers in order to be sure of their quality of foods to be processed. Of course, customers may access to these faciloties and can make various trial tests, using their ownproduct samples to be brought. These demonstration machines are sometimes delivered to potential customers for their local testing at their factories or laboratories, and also delivered to exhibition centers for their demonstration at the exhibitions.
Machine Demonstration Center
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